About Us 

Networking is about building and maintaining long term relationships. Although you may attain good contacts from one event, the best connections are made by following up and building a relationship with that contact. After all, people like to do business with people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST. The true benefits of networking don’t usually happen overnight.

St. Croix Valley Girls provides an excellent opportunity for all professional women to come together, whether self-employed or employed by someone else, to build relationships, make contacts, and grow the businesses they represent.

Our Founder

Jill McNamee, of Keller Williams Integrity Realty is the founder of St. Croix Valley Girls . After visiting several other networking groups in the area, Jill was looking for other less-formal ways to approach other professional women in the community. So she set out to start her own group that would become St. Croix Valley Girls .

The group began in January 2009 with six women at the first meeting. Jill’s vision for the group was to have a fun, relaxed atmosphere where women could meet other professional women without the “rules” and “large financial commitment”of other networking groups.

St. Croix Valley Girls is different than most networking groups in that it does not limit it’s guests to one person per industry/profession. The group was based on the “know you, like you, trust you” concept. Jill feels that people choose to refer and do business together because they “connect” not because they are in a network group together.

The group is comprised of incredible women who are willing to share their wisdom, expertise, and contacts. If you are interested in expanding your network, sharing ideas with others, or just plain having some fun with other women in the community please stop by and check us out!

Our Mission

  • Recognize, support and promote women as leaders in the workplace and community
  • Educate and motivate women on business, marketing, motivation, etc.
  • Enable women to network with each other to build powerful and productive relationships.
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